Annika Achziger | Personal Trainer | Greeley, CO
Nutritionist | Personal Trainer

Annika Achziger


Athletic Performance | HIIT | Strength Gain | Weight Loss

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“Progress over perfection” Anni has learned through her 10 years of weight lifting and 60 lb weight loss that progress comes from what you are consistently doing most of the time, not from being perfect 24/7. We are all capable of bettering ourselves in some way, and Anni is passionate about helping you reach your full potential using a science-based approach to health, nutrition, and fitness.


When Anni isn’t at the gym she enjoys petting her Old English Sheepdogs—Macy, Lucy, and Ollie—and reminding them that they are very cute. She also loves spending time with her family and friends, singing to music (badly), golfing, skiing, hiking, and pointing out how pretty the sky is to her boyfriend Eric. 


University of Northern Colorado — Bachelor’s in Sports and Exercise Science 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

American Red Cross – CPR/AED/First Aid