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Hannah Van Buskirk | Personal Trainer | Greeley, CO
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Hannah “Van” Van Buskirk


Lifting Technique | Muscle Toning | Muscular Hypertrophy | Strength Training | Weight Loss

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Growing up, I was not an active kid. The majority of my free time, you’d be able to find me playing computer games or reading a book in my room. It wasn’t until I was hired at my first job as YMCA’s fitness floor staff that I was exposed to the world of fitness, which previously went as far as watching the Olympics. Through this job I made friends who were more than willing to help me get started on my fitness journey, and it all began with weights. As time went on and I trained with others, I learned many things about the gym. 1.: Everyone is there because they want to improve themselves, 2.: No one is judging or watching you as hard as you believe, and 3.: You’d be very surprised how those around you would be willing to help you. Along with many other reasons, it was these things that made me feel at home in fitness, and I’m so very excited to share it with others.


Reading, writing, video games, running, archery, shopping at Target


Attending Colorado State University for Bachelor’s in Health and Fitness Science

American Red Cross – CPR/AED/First Aid