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Hannah Van Buskirk | Personal Trainer | Greeley, CO
Online Trainer | Personal Trainer

Hannah “Van” Van Buskirk


Lifting Technique | Muscle Toning | Muscular Hypertrophy | Strength Training | Weight Loss

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It wasn’t until I joined the military in 2019 that I started exercising regularly because it was what my job demanded. Much of what I learned of fitness, in the beginning, is what my friends told me and what YouTube algorithmized for me. But after graduating from CSU, I realize now that much of what I was taught was, unfortunately, misguided and misinformed. And so, as a personal trainer, my intention is to be the guiding hand I wish I had when I started. My objective is to help clients reach goals and maintain the progress they have made through lifestyle modifications that are powered by science-based research. All I ask in return is consistency and trust in the process.


Photography, video games, scuba diving, reading


Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science, Health Promotion (CSU, 2024)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Virtual Coach

American Red Cross – CPR/AED/First Aid