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Personalized Training

Many people seek the help of a personal trainer with their fitness needs. Examples of goals from our current clients range from wanting to fit comfortably into their wardrobe, to being able to play on the floor with their grandkids, to preparing for the Bolder Boulder 10K run. Whatever your fitness goals, we would like to help you achieve all of them and more.
Personal Training with your fitness coach at NoCo Fitness in Greeley Colorado

What you can expect while working with a NoCo Fitness personal trainer:

To get started with personal training we start with a complimentary consultation. We want to get to know who you are, what is important to you, what you want out of personalized training plans running, and ultimately how we can help. After our initial consultation your Fitness Coach will go to work developing a custom fitness plan to meet your needs. We customize each client’s plan to your individual starting point. We take into account your overall fitness goals, initial fitness level, nutrition habits, and lifestyle. Each fitness program is specifically tailored to the individual client. We use our experience of working with hundreds of clients to design a plan that will get you to your fitness goals. We are excited to meet with you and start working together.

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Why use a personal trainer?

The benefit to working with a NoCo Fitness personal trainer is that we have the skill set and experience necessary to design a customized program for you. Your fitness coach will work around aches and pains that life may have thrown your way.

Commit for 3-months and you will see and feel the changes a fitness program can make. The best part, in 6-months all your friends and family will be asking what the secret to your new body and energy is.

A Fitness Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals!

Custom Fitness Program


Your personal trainer will provide a custom fitness program to fit your specific personal training situation and goals.

Fitness Journey

Your personal trainer will be your fitness coach, cheerleader and teammate in your fitness journey.

Exercise Safely

You will learn proper exercise movements to ensure you are doing all the exercises safely.

Food Education

We teach you what foods to eat, what food to stay away from, and when you need to eat to maximize your body’s metabolism.

Start Your Personal Training Journey:

We would love the opportunity to visit with you for a FREE consultation and put together a plan that works for

YOUR goals and YOUR budget.

We have options that work for everyone!