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NoCo Fitness Testimonials

Coleen | Testimonial | Greeley, CO

Coleen M.

It’s been almost 1 year since I joined NoCO Fitness and started training with Ryan.  I remember the day well……It was three days after my 63rd birthday, I weighed more than I ever had and my dearest friend had just invited me on a trip of a lifetime. I would have rather been anywhere else […]

Shanna J.

When you join a gym like Noco Fitness, there is never an “after” photo, only a “now” photo, because there are always new goals to set and achieve. This is what blood, sweat, tears, grit, and determination looks like. More importantly, this is what consistency looks like. Consistency with fitness, and with nutrition. With Noco […]
Kris F Testimony

Kris F.

Before I started at NoCo fitness, I didn’t have the will power or confidence in myself to work out and to improve my health. I truly thought at my age, it was not possible. My trainer, Chris, has proven me wrong! He believes in me and gives me the confidence I need, which makes it […]

Shanna W.

I started out like many people, joining a gym and committing to work out 3-5 days per week. I did this for several months, and was not noticing the changes I expected. I’ve struggled with Thyroid issues, and weight loss was increasingly becoming more and more challenging for me.I began working with Chris about 5 […]

Nicole L.

I have always struggled with my weight. I would work out on my own and eat healthy for a few months, but I was never consistent. I finally decided to try a personal trainer. I wanted someone who could help me stay on track and hold me accountable. I googled “personal trainers in Greeley” and […]
Chandler G Testimonial

Chandler G.

For any Exercise Science student at UNC, who wants to get into Personal Training after they graduate, NoCo Fitness is a fantastic place to do your internship. I have learned so many valuable skills while doing my internship here, that I feel fully prepared to be a Personal Trainer now that my internship is over. […]

Thom M.

When you start carrying around 50 extra pounds and your belly is entering rooms well before you do, it’s time to get serious about getting back into shape. So, when my wife presented me with a gift certificate for a month at NoCo Fitness with a personal trainer, I figured it was her gentle way […]

Karen H.

I have been working with Chris Silvernale at NoCo Fitness for over 11 months. In that time I have lost 40+ pounds and at least 8 dress sizes.Chris makes the workouts challenging but so doable. Chris is very upbeat and approachable. Even when you feel like he should yell at you, he is nothing but […]

Marietta S.

I started at NoCo Fitness almost three months ago. I have never met a professional who is as personable and who has the level of integrity that Chris has. He has provided a diverse program to fit my needs and challenged me to achieve the goal I set for my improved health and flexibility. He […]

Melissa M.

My mom and I have been training with Chris with NoCo Fitness for a year now. The results have been unbelievable! My clothes fit differently, I have more energy throughout the day and I am able to do more physical activities.I appreciate that Chris makes a workout plan customized to every individual’s specific needs. My […]
Julia B Testimony

Julia B.

I’m 55 years old. I’m not a physically active person. I’ve never enjoyed exercising, and I don’t like to sweat. So why am I going to a personal trainer? The NoCo Fitness adventure started out as a birthday gift for my husband. Now we do partner training sessions twice a week.Now here’s the kicker. I […]