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We offer online powerlifting coaching for those that want to compete in power-lifting or just get stronger in the gym. Our coaches are passionate about the sport of power-lifting. They not only compete but they also aim to help others grow in the sport. 

Our online coaching includes: 

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • Reviewing your technique from the previous week’s training
  • Tips on how to continue your progress

In return, we need your dedication, communication, and attitude to get better each day. Ready to start your power-lifting journey? Contact us and we would love to fill you in on how we can help!

What You Will Receive:

Weekly check-ins via email with your coach to review previous week and make changes to the program as needed.
Access to your own program through Excel to track your workouts, nutrition, recovery, and more.
Nutritional guidance utilizing the macro-based nutrition system.
Ability to ask your coach questions 24/7 via email.
Ability to drop in for team lifts when they happen.

Begin Your Powerlifting

Embark on your powerlifting journey with NoCo Fitness Loveland, where strength meets community. Choose from our tailored programs and expert coaches to provide the support you need.

At NoCo, you’re lifting weights and raising your personal bar. We’re committed to your growth, with top-tier equipment and a welcoming environment that fuels progress. Take the first step towards your strongest self. Join the NoCo Powerlifting family today and transform your potential into power.

Contact us now to begin your transformation—your future self will thank you.

Your Powerlifting Coaches

Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor

General Manager | Personal Trainer

Hannah "Van" Van Buskirk

Hannah "Van" Van Buskirk

Personal Trainer

Powerlifting Program

$240 / Program

Interested in Joining Our Team?

If you are interested, please schedule a consultation with one of our powerlifting coaches below to get started!

2024 NoCo Summer Showdown Logo
NOCOFitness in Greeley Co
Where: NoCo Fitness, 3820 W 10th Street B10, Greeley, CO 80634
​When: Saturday, July 20, 2024

Weigh in Starts at 7am (times may change)

Lifting Starts at 9am (times may change)

Weight Classes:

Male: (Teens & Open)

(Teens under 150 lbs)
Up to 150 lbs
Up to 180 lbs.
Up to 210 lbs
Up to 240 lbs
Up to 270 lbs
270+ lbs

Female (Teens & Open)

(Teens under 125 lbs)
Up to 125 lbs
Up to 145 lbs.
Up to 165 lbs
Up to 185 lbs
185+ lbs

Primary Contact
Event Director

email with any questions.

Ryan McIvor - General Manager | Personal Trainer

Ryan McIvor

General Manager | Personal Trainer

Powerlifting Community | Greeley, CO

Individual Registration Fee


Registration fee includes registration for the meet and a meet t-shirt

Team Registration Fee


Registration fee includes registration for 3 team members for the meet and meet t-shirts


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